19 Mar 2014

Why place your Barrie house as an MLS® listings on REALTOR.ca ?

Why having your home viewed amongst the MLS® listings on REALTOR.ca is the most successful way to advertise your home for sale in Barrie.

MLS® listings on REALTOR.ca are exposed to - and searched by more buyers and Realtors® than through any other marketing methods commonly used to advertize homes for sale. Barrie MLS® listings on REALTOR.ca are constantly being previewed day and night by potential buyers. In fact REALTOR.ca is the busiest real estate website in Canada, while locally it receives more visitor traffic than all other Barrie Real Estate sites combined. 

Listing your home with a Realtor® and placing it on REALTOR.ca gives your Barrie home the best national and local exposure while assuring you the highest potential of receiving the strong offers a seller wants to see within the shortest time frame. 

For buyers, having a customized and automated listings search engine set up provides you with Barrie MLS® listings information the instant a listing of potential interest to you is uploaded, and typically ahead of it being featured and viewed by other buyers on REALTOR.ca giving you a definitive home searching advantage when up against other home buyers. Listing information sent to you by way of a custom search is more detailed than what is accessible to you by way of REALTOR.ca

Your Barrie Realtor® can set up a custom MLS® data search engine for you that will flag just the properties that meet your custom search criteria and send them instantly to your email. Home buying and selling can be exciting, it can be stressful and it can be rewarding. The tools and services a professional Realtor® is able to provide you are your assurance of the best possible outcome from your home sale or purchase.